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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Oiled Cloud Lunaris

Get it all slicked up


Two .psd's thank goodness, but O LAWD do I have to??!? T_T

So the cloud babby is hugely complex, and yet much easier laid out, since it's a gen 1. The temptation to just use most of it is strong, but that is not the way!! Both Lunaris had a million layers wither way, so it was a massive puzzle of re-ordering, and lots of blend mode changing to get a not-garish result, especially on the body paint. It's tempting to leave most of those detail layers on with the cloud parent (there are like, a hundred on the body alone), but I've found turning them all off, and turning them on one at a time to see what they actually do, -and playing with blending modes if it doesn't quite look right- always produces the best results.

In the end I felt it still didn't have enough of the oil parent, (and I'd already done the other lunaris with that cloud parent, so I didn't want it to look the same) and I added some oil to the wings. >.>

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