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Monday, February 28, 2011

MBC Cats

Yay cat things

A pretty... uh... straightforward breeding.

Pretty uninspiring tbh. Very simple patterns, no small accessories or expression changes... just... well.... blackish bloodymouth cats. I looked at them very long trying to find some great inspiration to do something totally out there with them, and short of making one white, this is what I came up with:

Greeeeeeeeen! I cut out the little stitches and put them up the legs onto the stripes. Aaaaand... I um, desaturated the markings!!! At first the stitches were black, but you couldn't see them, so I made all the details grey to show up.

Making the other babby either of the parent's colors was so cloney I just couldn't do it... so the other babby is red. Fadey like the dark parent, but with the lighter grey. I upped the contrast of the face mask marking so you could see it a little better for some interest.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Naturesplosion Sparkle Ippos

Holy crap edits

So one of my pairings belonged to a banned user, so Frey asked if I wanted a 'clusterfuck of sparkle awesome' pair. Of course I said yes. xD


Though I really didn't expect to get what I consider the most gorgeous custom on the site... SpringDragon's foresty oakl... Plus Fairy's usual amazing incredibleness. I have to admit I was really intimidated by this pair.

So again, I way overdid the edits again... but with this pair, it would be a crime not to. The first babby is peacock colors, branches, beads, and markings, with the lovely hair, jewelry, and fireflies of the oakl parent. I split the peacock headpiece between the two of them though, and I like how it turned out. Again, leafy branches are HARD. Yuff.. these also took me three or four tries to get right.

The peacock babby, for all it's a peacock, is overwhelmingly oakly. That one took me AGES. Emulating Spring's super-inspired-mode painting is not an easy task, and I was endlessly frustrated with my results. I put moss EVERYWHERE, and if I did it again, I'd highlight it better. Every time I look at the oakl, I see more things I should've done with the ippo, and I just have to stop looking at it because it's too pretty. The fireflies salvaged this one a bit, but it needs more contrast.

Dark Glamour Ippo

You should'a been in pictures

A dark palette Ippo pair. I'll admit, Ippos are a pain to edit... so much hair... X_x


Lots of intricate patterns on a dark palette... this should be fun x3 I love detail markings.

Damn it is hard to make those branchlers look good... I made the leaves three or four times before I thought they were acceptable, and I'm still not uber thrilled with them. I noticed that particular oakl had an awful lot of babbys that looked an awful lot like it, and that the owner already had one... so I pushed it a bit more towards the reve for variety.

Obviously, you can't make this pair without a boa. You just can't. Originally, I painted that white on the wings and with the branchlers, and the whitish hair, it actually was very oakl-y for a long while. After the purple and patterning though, the reve markings do take a lot of the show. I echoed the ripple-mark from the oakl's leg onto this one, but it's pretty subtle. I'm quite proud of how she came out though. ^^

Evil Alienbird Manticore

It came from Planet 9

I have to admit, this one was pretty darn fun. I almost made it a Campe though, that melo is quite birdlike.


So this was actually a really bizarre mix. I'd expect the bird to go with more of an American Romantic period sort of creepy (a.k.a. Poe), more than a 50's Sci Fi sort of deal xD.

So, I'm no Balu when it comes to creepy. I'm proud of my mixture, it's definitely my style, but it's more funny than creepy xD. Don't ever expect me to do gross. I used a texture layer and lightened it, though I've noticed it's still hard to see even then on some people's monitors.

The insi had a pair of extra legs in the middle, but the melo needed some more integration, so I gave it the little chicken legs instead xD. Lots of subtle swirl markings, pretty colors from the tail of the insi, and his creepy tongue. xD

Uh yeah. I painted the stuff >.>

Jazzbird Sway

Tweedily Deedily Dee

Ok, that subtitle is about a robin, but you don't even know what I'm talking about anyway, so poo on you.


I have to say, the bluejay is a rather unexpected pairing with this gael.

I really wanted to make the blue part of it red. I really did. But it looked awful. Streaky blue just makes lighter blue... streaky red... makes yucky pinkish or just.. fail. So. It's blue. For a long time it looked a but Frankenstein, the bluebird part was chunked off in one section, the rhasta bit on the head and tail. I pulled it together by putting some subtle markings throughout, even the little pink collar which doesn't actually exist on the gael, but is within the style and helps pull it together. I also made the clearly all-gael edits a bit bluejay-ish too, by putting the black tips and wing markings on it. I even altered the little stringy kite things to be black and white, with a bit of pink and yellow in there.

The red on the wings ended up sort of backwards to the yellow on the gael's fins, but I liked the red on the blue much better than the yellow on the blue, so I went with it.

My favorite part is the little tear-drop bits on the yellow stripe on the tummy x3.

Ghost Punk Koatls

Steam Punk Ghost Busters

So I saw this pair I'd received and my eyes sort of bugged out of my head.


I'm supposed to breed THAT??? Frey definitely didn't make my first set easy on me xD But; I got super inspired and I have to say I'm immensely proud of my results:

The first babby has nothing whatsoever between the shading and base layers. The entire thing was hand-painted in a folder underneath the lineart. I know this goes waaaay over the 30% rule, but honestly... how else could you do that Phanto? At least, how else could you do that Phanto without being totally lame? The funny thing about those light-bulbs on the end, is when I was sketching it, I was like 'blaaah... tiny little gears... poopy... *scribble*' and they sort of ended up like blobs on the end. When I started drawing in the light on the chest, it clicked. LIGHT! YES! NO tiny little gears! AND it looks way cooler! Yay me! So I did xD.

I was told that the first one doesn't represent the Soli very well, but I say pooh pooh on that! If you look at the inner part, the whole thing is made up of soli parts. The chest has that cream color bit with crosses, the lights, the screws, the mismatched browns throughout the whole thing. The hands and arms are even gears like the part that is on the soli's shoulders.

I am so proud of the second Koatl's scales x3. I am also, a genius. Since I put the cream part from the soli's tummy in the last one, I removed it on this one, and then put a panel behind the blue to make it look as if he's hollow. They both have the face of the phanto, but since I did them both from scratch, they look distinctly different. I made the little horn in it's own folder so that a breeder could just plop it onto anything without issue. I love my little window poketwatch light thing along the tail x3. Aaand, those claws are sort of an interpretation of the soli's nails to cap off the phanto's version of the globular arms in a different way than I did the other one.

Monday, February 7, 2011

My BC Application

I was accepted! Woooo!


Ok, lots of frills and and fancy patterns.

I had a really fun time with the pattern on the first one. So much of it is covered in the Soli I made up a bit of it. I also interpreted the bow a bit different. It was pretty flat, and I made it more bow-like. I split the jewelry pretty evenly, and I hate when both babbys get the same edits, so the only part I shared was the bracelet. The only particularly hard time I had with any of it were the sparkles. Sparkles don't show up well on light colors.

BC is much harder to talk about. o_o No crazy photoshop tricks when I just... paint them. So uh, ta-da! xD

and on to the Lysk pair:


One is fairly simple, the other fairly wild. The only edit on either of them is the little fin thing, so both babbys get that edit to -have- an edit.

Both babbys ended up colored similarly to their parents, though I made sure to include hearts on both, and a but of the lacer white markings on the other. My favorite part is the beak line on the second one. Lysks don't have defined beaks, so I sort of had to make one.

And finally, the cracked-out Jormu.


This one was tougher than the other two. Jormu are ugly, and for as much crazy detail the gael has, the rogr doesn't bring much to the table.

I tried to get as much of the rogr in there, giving it all the gael edits, then twisting the rogr markings in the cracked-out style of the gael. I'm particularly pleased with the the hearts.