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Tuesday, November 16, 2010


So, finally, my last two pairs to make my list complete. Two pairs I am (now) very proud of. I left these two pairs for last (or, rather, avoided them), because I knew how difficult they would be.

So, first

Robo-Angel Quetzals


Not a pair you'd normally expect. A sort of elfy one with a robot, but lets fly with it.

At first I was like... WHAT DO I DO??!?! and then, I started getting really into it, and ended up painting little robotic wings for them. XD! There wasn't really much to be had from the parents. The accessories looked out of place on top of the robot... aaaand, well, what else are you going to do? So, instead, I made the accessories robotic, and went to town on adding paint accents to spice it up. I even went as far as to replace the ear on the second one with the robo wing. 8D If the new owner doesn't love them, they're always welcome in my lair!!

And now, the second one...

Undead Spanish Fish

Sooo, I looked at this pair and went "OH GOD NO!!!" After begging the .psd off the harpoon creator, I felt a little better.


So, what to do with them? The harpoon is such a together design, I just didn't know where to start.

The first one, I got pretty inspired. I mixed and matched the bits of horsies and even painted over her flowers and scattered some petals into her hair. The second one though, I feel is not as unique and varied as per my usual standard, and if I have any time before tomorrow, I may revisit it again. The question is, do I take edits away? Do I just put in the normal Sors (heh, totally wrote Peophin... LOL) tail or back, just for the sake of variety? Or does that make it less desirable?? Decisions decisions....


So I did go back in and change her. I gave her a closed mouth and took out a harpoon (major surgery, but still) and now I think she looks a bit sassy about being undead. I am much happier with this one.

(threw in the red one so you can side-by-side compare)

See? I don't submit stuff I don't like! :P Now I'm very proud of every breeding on the list!

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Airbourne Melos

So this was a fun pair:

Winged Aviator and Rion Melo


A pretty straightforward breeding. I <3 <3 <3 when the artist puts the edits in individual folders! Not only does it make them easy to edit and mix, but also means I don't have to play Dr. Frankenstein and chop the edits out of the lineart.

The first one was very straightforward; mix and match. I adjusted the hair a bit so the lineart melded more nicely, painted in the missing bit of goggle and of the dark brown into the face and tail... but the rest was just playing around with layers and colors. The second, angelic one, was fun. :3 I used the blond parent's pretty paint colors, and took the rion's spots and ran with them, painting a bunch more to fill him out. A few extra stripes for the tail, played around with the wings, and whala! Angelic Rion babby. I luffs him.

Here be Dragons

The Owly Dragons



Both had .psd's, both are VERY cool of their own right, and with quite a bit of effort, they combined very very awesomely.

So the first one I used the owly wings and feet to make him even more dragon-y. I had to paint in a bit of the tail that had been covered by the wings, and there was a lot of editing, but I was sooo excited to do this one. The purple one, is my favorite breeding so far :3 I'm going to have to go get a custom reve just to breed with this one. I put more scales on the head where the eye feather flaps were, added spots to the feet... and added the hair behind the neck :3 :3 :3 I am so in love with it!!

The Starwielders

The Starwielders

So, taking two pets that are pretty average... I made some magic. :3


Both, frustratingly, had all the lineart merged... so it was another hack-and-slash to get them into pieces. I should've been more mixy, perhaps, and given more pony parts to the kitty and any kitty parts to the pony... but I think the accessorizing more than makes up for it.

Now I will slap you if you don't tell me that pony is super gorgeous. I took some liberties again, making him green and popping the lantern into his mouth, but... it just worked out that way. The pretty swirls on the kitty were a nice surprise of the highlights that looked amazing overlaid on the starry background. I have to say, I think I'll be stealing these from their owners once they've hatched! xD

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Sugar and Spice

My next pair I call;

The Bratty Bunch


These both had .psd's... sort of. The first one is a 2nd gen that only had one .psd, so half of hers has bits cut up from it's parent, and the tail is one piece. But, I think the babbys came out nice:

Sugar and Spice and everything... well, maybe not so nice. Both of them make me think of middle school. Possibly the prissyness and over-accessorization. This breeding was really really messy, I have like 100 layers in there, half of them from the originals, and the other half is me trying to paint things and blend things in to make them meld properly. Making that hair dark blue? Yuff. Making that hair dark blue with the colored highlights still in?...rocket surgery I tell you. Rocket. Surgery.


So, next on my list, what I dub the



Lunaris, an already complicated species, customized to be more complex, and in the case of the second, ridiculously complex.

Fortunately, I only had to make one babby, or I might implode.

Though, again, a little sad I could only do one, as I felt I needed to get enough of each to equally represent both parents, when you have a bit more wiggle room with a second babby. A second one, for example could be the first one in pink, with some of the neato extramajiggers. But then... I just thought... of how many layers it has... and I changed my mind. YAY one babby!

Babby list 1, progress

So here are the first few of my breedings :3

Cobweb Soli & Custom White Tiger Soli


This is actually my own breeding. Funny enough, my first list coincided with my very first submitted breeding pair, so I requested to do it myself. :) I sweet-talked the original .psd off the Cobweb Soli creator, and was given a load more freedom to make these lovely ladies:

I am really, really pleased with how they came out. :) It seems that all the old soli lineart have some color bleed issues with the lineart... but all told, they still look lovely.

Rose Oakl & Malevolence Oakl

Two site pets, which meeeeans... no .psd's :(

But; I absolutely refuse to just hit overlay and call it done. So after much fiddling, fussing, lots of masking, and a bit of painting, I came out with these babbys:

I always take a long look and think very hard about what I think the owner had in mind when they submitted the breeding. I figured that they probably wanted the swirls on both, and then a bit of evil and a bit of sweet, so, I gave them one of each :) The first one came naturally, a dark palette, red overlays nicely on top... and I decided to really play up the rose, add some petals, and finally some blood. >:3

The second one was tough, believe it or not. Getting the white to go away, and the red stripes to be white, took a lot of finagling. Getting the black smoke to be white was, believe it or not, a nightmare. I gave her the petals too, I thought they looked sweet, but made her eyes black with the white line to return a bit of the sinister bit back in.

Custom Dragon Phantos


A .psd for both of them, hooray!

Since the second one is metal, I took the liberty of sticking with the first one's lines. I coooould've ripped off his hands and given it the little wobby ghost arms or something... but I figured the owner probably wouldn't prefer that, at least I hope not.

I tried to make them as unique from each other as possible, while still yielding the most desirable parts of the parents. I removed the scales from the hair/chest of the first one (it looked silly on the light purple), but I re-added them to hair of the dark one, as they look quite nice on it. I had to pull in the scales texture overtop of the parts it didn't cover, but it wasn't too difficult. Scales go overtop of the paint on the purple, covered up by it in the second.. little things like that.

I really like how they turned out ^^.

Painted Kyre & Majestic Kyre


Two more site pets... two more with no .psd's :(

I had to get pretty creative with this one. It would be a very easy thing to just layer them and call it a day, but there was a lot of potential in there still, so I pushed it hard.

I took the plating + claws directly, they added a nice pop of color to my chosen lighter palette. After about 8 layers of different blending effects, I got the body how I liked it, and painted in the glowy cyan dots where they had been on the Painted Kyre. I took the purple eye and gave it the pretty detail of the Painted's cyan eyes.

When stacking more than one premade, the lines become incredibly thick and pixelated. In all of the pets I don't have .psd's for, I always pull my finished result into the original breed .psd, to re-mask it off and put on new lines.

Only one babby for this breeding, which made me sad. After finishing the first, I really wanted to do another with swirls masked out inside the spots.

My First Breeding List!!

Hooray!! I've received my first breeding list!! :3

What I didn't realize... is in order to get .psd's, we must search through a massively full gmail account for pet ID #'s to find if anyone has sent us the .psd. The harder part is, for 2nd Gens and hybrids, you must look up each pet into Aywas, find out who it's parents were, then find the email that the breeder who made it submitted it's .psd in. @.@ Its taken me over an hour to save out each pair's .psd into their own pair # folders, then dig around to find the .psd's that go with them... Yeeesh.

But, organization prevails, and I'll be happy I'll have gone through all the effort later.

My Breeding Application

So, in lieu of being accepted as an LBC breeder, I'd like to post my application, as I think I did quite nicely on it. :)

So, for the application, we were given three pairs; one with both .psd's, one with only one .psd, and one without any .psd's.

So, here were the parents:


I had quite a lot of fun with these two. Two very well made customs with lots of elements to mix and match. :) I pride myself in being able to make a coherent color scheme, and I think the babies turned out well:

Despite the first baby being the universal favorite, I find I really adore the second one. She's just so... cute! x3 It's not unusual for my favorite one to be the less popular.

On to the next pair.


The first one has the .psd (thank goodness!!).

Quite a challenge! I had to make up tail feathers and paint in a matching pattern in order to give it a whole tail once the wing was replaced. I also had to paint in an owl face on the forehead/head feathers of the second. All in all, I am very pleased with the results.

Finally, the third pair.


Anything without a .psd requires a lot more work on the breeder's part. (unless they're super lazy and just hit overlay, which I try to avoid)

I went through and cut out each piece of jewelry, as well as some of the more prominent pieces of the Autumn Leaves soli. (head leaves, toenails, the pattern running along the body, etc) For the first one, I decided to keep all of the jewelry, adjusted it to look gold (harder than you think!), then made the gems green, to hopefully tie in some of the Autumn Soli elements, as many of them were getting lost with the color change. On the second, I reduced the tiara down for some variety, and had to paint in the missing parts of the eye leaves, because of the reduced eye size.

I would probably redo this pair if given the chance, I don't feel I pulled in enough of the Autumn Soli elements.

My application got me in! Hooray!! :D