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Saturday, November 13, 2010

My Breeding Application

So, in lieu of being accepted as an LBC breeder, I'd like to post my application, as I think I did quite nicely on it. :)

So, for the application, we were given three pairs; one with both .psd's, one with only one .psd, and one without any .psd's.

So, here were the parents:


I had quite a lot of fun with these two. Two very well made customs with lots of elements to mix and match. :) I pride myself in being able to make a coherent color scheme, and I think the babies turned out well:

Despite the first baby being the universal favorite, I find I really adore the second one. She's just so... cute! x3 It's not unusual for my favorite one to be the less popular.

On to the next pair.


The first one has the .psd (thank goodness!!).

Quite a challenge! I had to make up tail feathers and paint in a matching pattern in order to give it a whole tail once the wing was replaced. I also had to paint in an owl face on the forehead/head feathers of the second. All in all, I am very pleased with the results.

Finally, the third pair.


Anything without a .psd requires a lot more work on the breeder's part. (unless they're super lazy and just hit overlay, which I try to avoid)

I went through and cut out each piece of jewelry, as well as some of the more prominent pieces of the Autumn Leaves soli. (head leaves, toenails, the pattern running along the body, etc) For the first one, I decided to keep all of the jewelry, adjusted it to look gold (harder than you think!), then made the gems green, to hopefully tie in some of the Autumn Soli elements, as many of them were getting lost with the color change. On the second, I reduced the tiara down for some variety, and had to paint in the missing parts of the eye leaves, because of the reduced eye size.

I would probably redo this pair if given the chance, I don't feel I pulled in enough of the Autumn Soli elements.

My application got me in! Hooray!! :D


  1. The second reve breeding is actually mine (though my reve does have a PSD in the gmail, sent Oct 8!), and I'm absolutely in love with what you did for them, and amazed that you did it without her PSD. I love your creativity, and I'd be so terribly happy to get babies like those! -Atha

  2. I like the second melo better c: THOSE EARS THEYRE SO CUTE OMG