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Saturday, November 13, 2010

My First Breeding List!!

Hooray!! I've received my first breeding list!! :3

What I didn't realize... is in order to get .psd's, we must search through a massively full gmail account for pet ID #'s to find if anyone has sent us the .psd. The harder part is, for 2nd Gens and hybrids, you must look up each pet into Aywas, find out who it's parents were, then find the email that the breeder who made it submitted it's .psd in. @.@ Its taken me over an hour to save out each pair's .psd into their own pair # folders, then dig around to find the .psd's that go with them... Yeeesh.

But, organization prevails, and I'll be happy I'll have gone through all the effort later.

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