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Saturday, November 13, 2010

Sugar and Spice

My next pair I call;

The Bratty Bunch


These both had .psd's... sort of. The first one is a 2nd gen that only had one .psd, so half of hers has bits cut up from it's parent, and the tail is one piece. But, I think the babbys came out nice:

Sugar and Spice and everything... well, maybe not so nice. Both of them make me think of middle school. Possibly the prissyness and over-accessorization. This breeding was really really messy, I have like 100 layers in there, half of them from the originals, and the other half is me trying to paint things and blend things in to make them meld properly. Making that hair dark blue? Yuff. Making that hair dark blue with the colored highlights still in?...rocket surgery I tell you. Rocket. Surgery.

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