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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Flutterby Kitten Melos

Fly away with me...


I remember that the .psd for the second one was frightening.


I don't remember a lot of specifics for this one, and maybe if I did I'd remember why I changed the kitty one's eyes to the re-outlined version I made there. I can say I went with one to look like a kitty, and one like a butterfly, since the one had the kitty head, the other had the kitty tail. The red... I believed it just looked better, and back then there was a lot less strictness on what we could and could not do with color. I took another liberty by chopping the white (now black) face marking into a mask, as it just looked so cool to make her into a superhero. 

Rainbowchip Cyborg Nomtail Jiao

Taste the rainbow... circuits...


 The right is unusually edited for a jiao. Breeders seem to be afraid of editing this species.


Never say I skimp on the edits. (BC, LBC, or otherwise xP) I rather like how I used the existing colors to make I actually ended up painting on the microchip markings onto the tail. It was just so much easier to do than to attempt to duplicate and rotate the existing markings. I locked the transparency, and overlaid a rainbow gradient. Whala! Rainbow cyborgchips. Gold is a much bigger pain to make from silver than vice versa. In order to get a good gold, you need a mustardy yellow, a brown shading, and a really overdone highlight. Sometimes a midtone of red in there is good too, but wasn't necessary in this case, with the black body. 

Monday, March 5, 2012

Barfytail Melos

Oh look, a rainbow! H-h-huuuurghulrghhhhhhh


I love barfing melos.


Soo, if there's three, I feasibly can't give them ALL foofy tails and barf streams. *sigh* But, I think I compensated pretty well with the gigantic tongue and little weeeny eyes. The barfing tail required a bit of shift-drag smudging to keep the rainbow perfectly straight, and an ounce of line redraw along the edges of it. The puking blood I thought was necessary, but still disturbs me even now. (I don't think he's going to make it) Fortunately both parents had a .psd, and so all three babies got the body patterns, but I don't like boring. Boring is well, boring. 

Abominable Cheetah Oskes

What's really fast, really fluffy, and has pointy, pointy teeth...


 I always hope site pet breedings like this are someone's first breeding, and try extra extra hard to make them awesome.


And I feel that I came through with that. :P It wasn't their first breeding, but its still a nice thought anyway. I am so pleased with how these two came out, both getting the mane, floofs, and tail, but its a site pet breeding, lets not be boring-er than we have to be. I took a guess that since they bred two pets with naturalish patterns, that they'd want naturalish colors over eyebleeding ones. 

Earrie Puppyfoot Soli

I can heeeear yoooou....


 D'aww look at the little feeeet.


The ears and foot are just too cute, so I kept them for both. To make up for it, I made sure no other edits were the same between them, from the eyes, shells, scales, jewelry, claws, and the collar, all evenly split. They both are brown, so both babies are brown. I diiid play a little and make the dark spots from the female parent into sparkles on the second babby. 

Carrotwing Kyres

So I went a little crazy with the superglue and...


So, no .psd for either parent. Fun fun fun.


Where did the yellow come from? Probably an hour of trying to glean the patterns out of both parents without just straight up hueshifting. Isn't it pretty though? The second one's colors are pretty urk, but when you put a green parent and an orange parent together... well.. a green and orange babby isn't unheard of. I remember masking out those circles by hand... just to have a body pattern. Did you even NOTICE the circles on the orange kyre before? After futzing with levels and hues and whatnot to try to pull what I could, you can see them there. urf. 

Metal Plate Jiaos

Need a jump?


Not particularly edited jiaos, so a fairly simple breeding.


So, lets not be boring. They only have one edit apiece, so lets walk on the wild side and give them both mohawks and electricity. Lets switch the colors up a bit... switch the plated dots around... Well. What else do I say. Not really a complicated pairing. xD 

Zombie Construct Paleo

Subtitle lololol


Ugh, I hate that grody paleo.


Well, you wanted a gross zombie thing... there. Gross zombie thing. Ew. I lopped off the wings, replaced with the other wings, gave it a blood red eye, and whala. Yuckytown. Fortunately the first parent had a .psd, or I would've wept a little harder on this one. 

Sassy Kitty Melos

No, my bangs don't bother me. I don't look up that often.


 Somewhat unusual pairing, but I had some good ideas for color scheme.


I think I may have had to go several generations back to get the body pattern for that first babby. Soo, yuo may notice both got the full head edit. Why? I don't believe in putting more unwanted babies out on the market if I can help it. Default-face melos are very hard to sell, so why not go with the cuter option if its there? I did mix it up agreeably, so I feel these are still a valid mix. The first babby is sans the tail and bow, and has the winged parent's colors and pattern. The other babby is more similar to mommy, but has the wingy edits and a light overlay of the pattern as well. 

Cyberpunk Quol

We have arrived unto the future and it has become... suparsonic... elektronic...


So a cyborg and a punk rockstar from the 80's, could be interesting


Where did the green come from? Uh... the... blue.. and orange! That's it. >> Ok, its mostly feasible, and what says techy like cyan, jade, and purple? Both get the leg and mane edit. Why? Nobody wants boring quol babies. Face it, they just look unadorned with a default face and head, and having four legs makes them more desirable. I seem to remember both .psds being a nightmare. Funny how these things stay with you. 

Fantail Sway

You don't know the MEANING of fan dancing.


GORGEOUS reve (I should know, I have one :P) and the markings on the gael looked fabulous for the fabric.


I can't do this pairing without doing a fan tail. Can't! It would be a crying shame. Whala! Fan! Most of this one was getting the gold to SHINE properly. (apart from trying to emulate Fairy's hair @x@)) To achieve the shininess, I ctrl-clicked on the square visual layer part of the layer, so that it would select the transparency of all those markings. Next, I made a new layer, and clicked mask. Now I could scribble anywhere on the layer, and it would only show up on top of the markings. Several shading layers and overlay highlighting layers later, I finally achieved the gold effect I wanted. I used the gaels markings, eye edit, and hair color, and I adore how she came out. 

Trendsetter Griffins

Actual wings are so last year.


So what happens when you combine a hooded ninjabird with a trendy glasses melo?


I can't help but think these look like sassy clothing models from a catelog. (You WISH you looked this good in a hoodie jumpsuit.) The effect is fairly easy to do, if you can get the hood down. To not kill your %, just leave most of the body lines alone, just connect the fabric from the hood around the neck with some loose folds, then cap off with little sleeve edits at the other end. If I'm feeling like a workoholic, I'll copy-paste the body and mask out all but the parts I'm using for the jumpsuit, and make it one big edit you can slap on top when breeding. The other Griffin was all WINGS. Took me a few attempts to get them looking right, but I was very proud of how they turned out. 

Glamfairy Quetzals

You know we're fabulous


Pretty pairing, LOTS of little details. Sunset colors are gorgeous!


I think I managed to include all the details off of the parents except the tails. I was getting better at hair, and I love hair edits on quetzals, so that they shared. The rest I felt masochistic and gave them each a full set of otherwise unique edits. At least the coloring was easy. Both sets of colors was achieved by taking the gradient tool, setting it to the circular pattern (those are the little squares towards the top, it looks circly, and I believe its called 'radial'). Then you eyedropper several colors and put the little color tags in a rainbow-ordered line down the gradient scale, and do your circular gradient. Keep clicking until you get roughly how much of each color, and where, in the right place. The scales were done in the same way I did the oske on the 'Cyborgs and Dragons' post.