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Sunday, March 4, 2012

Strawberry Slith

Because chocolate dipped is just that much better


I was ECSTATIC to get this pair. I LOVE strawberries, and this is still one of my favorite babbys I've made to date.


I did a totally crazy technique on the strawberry seeds that I have yet to be able to reproduce. It involved doing a blend of layer modes, including a drop shadow, some sort of highlight, and several layers above it with the seed area masked out for me to paint over them. The chocolate tail effect was probably just a multiply and overlay combo, but I think it came out super gorgeous. I'm even proud of how the highlights came out on the strawberry top hat. The oske didn't get a huge amount of incorporation, green tummy/hair and the vine edit, but in this case, I feel it was the right decision to make the perfect themed pet. 

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