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Sunday, March 4, 2012

Bloody Static Demon Shu

You have seven days....


 Ooo static and creepy faces, I bet I can do this one!


So the static effect can be achieved many different ways, I believe I used a combination of completely desaturated grunge photos, the noise filter, gratuitous masking, and some big pixely eraser brushes. The lines were just a semi-transparent shift-drag down of the eraser tool. (if you didn't know that holding shift makes your eraser, brush, or other tool go in straight lines, go try it) Demon tail? Done. (though I gave it the reve's face, CLEV HUH?) Evil looking squigglies? Done. Blood spatter? Done and done. (smudge tool for this I believe) My favorite part of this breeding is his homicidal maniac face. 

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