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Sunday, March 4, 2012

Butterkey Shu

Maybe not the best name combo in the world.


One glance at these parents and I knew I was definitely NOT using the first parent's colors. (or at least not trying to blend them evenly with the oske) so that meant... turkey edits??


I kind of went a weird route with this one. I let the turkey tail hang down, since there isn't as much room there horizontally as there is diagonally. To make it blend, I continued the big, rounded feathers to sort of emulate the oske's wings, but still match the turkey tail. I think it was a pretty unique and successful blend. It may look at a glance that it has only oske markings, but look closely and you'll see lots of feather lines on both the body and the tail and wing feathers. I traded out the pink and purple for bits of green from the turkey, and finished it off with the oske's edited eyes. I think this came out as a very lovely babby, for all that it was a totally bizarro pairing. 

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