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Sunday, March 4, 2012

Cloaked Mystic Reves

She'd look you in the eye... if she knew where your eyes were.


Another eggnog, which of course rolled reves. (xaocs don't happen, remember this)


Another pair I am very proud of. Apparently it went over well because parts have been directly ripped off of the first baby's .psd by a predict artist and morphed onto the hybrid babies. (I scaled it myself to check. Yarp. I reported it but the baby is still there, so who knows.) I believe Slash did a massive breed frenzy around this time and gave the babies out for either Christmas or in Easter eggs or something.

Anywho, very very overworked pair, all hand-made, no parts of the parents used. I encourage creative mixings of edits, see how awesome the beads look as a fringe do the hood? The little clip from the chest part as a brooch? The tail jewelry wrapped around the cloak tip? Eh eh? You know these birds are sexy. 

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