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Monday, March 5, 2012

Sassy Kitty Melos

No, my bangs don't bother me. I don't look up that often.


 Somewhat unusual pairing, but I had some good ideas for color scheme.


I think I may have had to go several generations back to get the body pattern for that first babby. Soo, yuo may notice both got the full head edit. Why? I don't believe in putting more unwanted babies out on the market if I can help it. Default-face melos are very hard to sell, so why not go with the cuter option if its there? I did mix it up agreeably, so I feel these are still a valid mix. The first babby is sans the tail and bow, and has the winged parent's colors and pattern. The other babby is more similar to mommy, but has the wingy edits and a light overlay of the pattern as well. 

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