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Sunday, March 4, 2012

Cyborgs and Dragons

In the future...


 Another eggnog breeding, wheee!


I did mix up these slightly more than the last pair, not just by species but COLUR too. Ikno rite? I will say though, that melo came out SEXY. Granted, I put waaaay too much work into it, but I never fault myself for trying too hard. I also would be totally pleased with the oske, except I did the DARN FAT LINES AGAIN. The way to do those scales is kind of a quickish, easy way to do them that I think still looks pretty good. Cover the whole pet in dots. Make them as similarly round as you can, and scale them down as you get to smaller parts of the pet like ears and face and legs. Then, make a layer mask, and paint smaller dots towards one side in grey, so that it doesn't completely hide that part, but makes it have sort of a fingernail where its still fully visible. rinse and repeat over the whole pet. Set the layer to overlay, soft light, or just lower the opacity. Whala! Scales! 

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