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Monday, March 5, 2012

Fantail Sway

You don't know the MEANING of fan dancing.


GORGEOUS reve (I should know, I have one :P) and the markings on the gael looked fabulous for the fabric.


I can't do this pairing without doing a fan tail. Can't! It would be a crying shame. Whala! Fan! Most of this one was getting the gold to SHINE properly. (apart from trying to emulate Fairy's hair @x@)) To achieve the shininess, I ctrl-clicked on the square visual layer part of the layer, so that it would select the transparency of all those markings. Next, I made a new layer, and clicked mask. Now I could scribble anywhere on the layer, and it would only show up on top of the markings. Several shading layers and overlay highlighting layers later, I finally achieved the gold effect I wanted. I used the gaels markings, eye edit, and hair color, and I adore how she came out. 

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