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Sunday, March 4, 2012

Scenedeerdog skullmelo SCC

I'm too hip for these woods.


I ADORE the SCC in this pairing. I'm a sucker for deer, and this one is gorgeous. This was an eggnog so the scene melo is a bit random, but I can work with that.


So, I love the thought process behind both of these offspring, but ever after I submitted them, I've always been unhappy with my quality on these two. It has never ceased to bother me that the lines are fuzzy and thick on the melo. I think at the time I was all like 'oh its a new styyyle' but no. Ew. It isn't. Its me doing fuzzy lines. The scene deer has cleaner edit lines, but the markings on that one are fuzzy too. I don't know what got into me. I suppose if this had been a little later, I'd be fussed at to mix them up a bit more, so that it wouldn't be a theme of each on opposite species, but that's pretty much exactly what I did back then, and I think we were so desperate to get eggnogs done it didn't matter that much at the time either. 

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