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Sunday, March 4, 2012

Silver Butterfly Slith

Flutter flitter flutter


I have to say I was grateful this only rolled one baby. Why? I know that I would've done BOTH sets of giant wings, and that would've been somewhat painful to do. But, give me the choice between butterfly and batty dragon wings? BUDDERFY!


Apart from the GIANT (and partially semitransparent window-pane) butterfly wings, there are actually several more subtle edits here. The oske's forelock, the soli's ears, and a smattering of sparkles all worked their way into a finished babby. Where it was tempting to do the leopard spots, I definitely needed some extra lovins from the soli parent side, so all the body pattern is referenced from his purple scalyness.

I always love to see the babies I make be loved. I recently saw this one come up on a 'show off your babies' thread, even though this breeding is now nearly a year old <3.

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