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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Rainbowchip Cyborg Nomtail Jiao

Taste the rainbow... circuits...


 The right is unusually edited for a jiao. Breeders seem to be afraid of editing this species.


Never say I skimp on the edits. (BC, LBC, or otherwise xP) I rather like how I used the existing colors to make I actually ended up painting on the microchip markings onto the tail. It was just so much easier to do than to attempt to duplicate and rotate the existing markings. I locked the transparency, and overlaid a rainbow gradient. Whala! Rainbow cyborgchips. Gold is a much bigger pain to make from silver than vice versa. In order to get a good gold, you need a mustardy yellow, a brown shading, and a really overdone highlight. Sometimes a midtone of red in there is good too, but wasn't necessary in this case, with the black body. 

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