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Sunday, March 4, 2012

Bunbirdy Nikkos

Trix are for... RABBITS. (screw you kids, they're my Trix! MINE MINE MINE)


 One of those valentine reevey things, plus a skittlicious bunny maki. D'aww, I love it.


So it is an unfortunate inclination of many breeders to look at the reve and go, IT IS UNEDITED. THEREFORE I NEED NO EDITS FROM THIS PARENT. Wrong. These things came with edits. Do reves normally have four legs, massive tailfeathers, or the little peacock heart beak thing? Nosirree. In this case I chose the tailfeathers (as is popular, for those who do acknowledge the valentine reve parts). Both got the bunny ears, tooth, feet, and tail, because IT WAS JUST TOO DARN CUTE OK? And the edits themselves weren't super big. I figured it was cuter to give them both bunny parts than to try to frankenstein some bird legs on there anyway. Both got some different techniques at fur patterning set to overlay, to try to emulate what is subtly there on the bunny parent. I believe I had to duplicate the fur on the right several times to get it as noticeable as it is there. If I did this pair again? I'd just make the second babby more blue to match the reve a bit better. 

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