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Sunday, March 4, 2012

Possibly Possessed Oakls

Don't look into their eyes... it'll be the last thing you see.


I believe this was another eggnog, which both rolled oakls.


I'm really pleased with how these came out, for all that its a fairly bizarre pairing. They're even fairly well mixed compared to many of my other eggnog breedings. I'm often too proud to use any parts of the original parents, so all of the markings on these guys are hand-drawn. The left babby got the scale pattern from the melo parent (scales are tedious. always.) and the right got the stripes from the oakl. I liked my interpretation of the wing marking into actual wings, and the way I decided to do the creepy eyes, but in black from the melo. The left babby obviously got a version emulating the oakl parents pattern, with the melo parents cyborg edits. If I did this breeding over, I'd just make the wings of the second babby more like the marking from the oakl parent. 

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