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Monday, March 5, 2012

Glamfairy Quetzals

You know we're fabulous


Pretty pairing, LOTS of little details. Sunset colors are gorgeous!


I think I managed to include all the details off of the parents except the tails. I was getting better at hair, and I love hair edits on quetzals, so that they shared. The rest I felt masochistic and gave them each a full set of otherwise unique edits. At least the coloring was easy. Both sets of colors was achieved by taking the gradient tool, setting it to the circular pattern (those are the little squares towards the top, it looks circly, and I believe its called 'radial'). Then you eyedropper several colors and put the little color tags in a rainbow-ordered line down the gradient scale, and do your circular gradient. Keep clicking until you get roughly how much of each color, and where, in the right place. The scales were done in the same way I did the oske on the 'Cyborgs and Dragons' post. 

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