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Friday, March 11, 2011

Red's Aywa Infection Psychomelo

Why hello there little girl...

The .psd on that melo is amazing. All the parts are split up into separate folders. I LOVE YOU!!! I could literally just hide the head and feet, and draw in replacements. <3!

This is one of my most favorite breedings I've done so far. I was a little nervous about incorporating Red into this melo, but once I started sketching, I knew exactly what I wanted.

Lookatitsfeeeeeeet. I love Red's feet. I love Red's feet even more on the melo. The chest hair allowed me to draw in an upraised front foot, and since everything was nicely chopped apart for me, blending it all into the body was a breeze. The head is all hand drawn, the only part used from the melo was the hair. I took the psycho eyes, merged them, and shrunk them down to fit in his narrow little eye sockets.

Psycho Bloodangel Quetzals

I want to drink.. er... save.. your... bloooooooooood!!!!
Or something.

This melo recently got not very well mixed shisa babbys, and so I did my best to give a mixier Quetzal babbys.. though I kinda failed at that, they don't mix up very easily.

So the psychoface, body stripe, eyes, and red-tipped horns are all from the psycho soli, so it's not THAT derivative, even though at first glance it looks almost hybrid potioned... I'm quite proud of them both though. I was a little afraid of doing blood, but it just happened nicely. I'd almost wanted to leave the stripes off, I liked it so much, but the stripes were a necessary tie in from the other parent. I almost gave him shoulder spikes, but I liked the angel look too much, and didn't want to trade out the wings/halo for them.

The other one is also overwhelmingly of one parent, but I did give him a new bandage, and the teeth and wings from the other babby. The black eye actually gives him sort of a fuu look.

I am SO. PROUD. Of my horns there. I was literally going 'yeeeeeesssss' while I was painting those, they just came out right. Why is he red? He's red because of... blood. >.> Blood is from the other parent right? Riiiight? That's also why there are white stripes in there too. It isn't a very obvious blend, but hopefully by reading this you get it? Maybe? He has purple hair, the soli had a red tummy... so if you don't buy the blood bit, you can go with that.

On both I used a subtle velvety texture, and painted some more onto it. The first babby has the soft grey fur marks of the melo, the second has some overlay blotch-brush marks to add to the velvet.

Robo Astral Flaming Quetzals

Its the moon... and Fiiiiiire!


The melo is definitely different. I think by splitting up his features though, he bears some very nice offspring.

I screwed up and did two babbys instead of one @.@ Only the second babby was ever born. Married? Or something? Some sort of fix or other, so no extra babby out of the mistake either.

I drew on new wings, and added bits of metal here and there. I was rather pleased with how I did the fire too. I was really pleased with how I painted the body texture, for all that it isn't very pretty. (a bit disease-ish... but that's how the parent is too.)

The other babby, I went all-out with the coloring, since I'd already used the wings and fire. There are small edits here and there, I added little glow-gloves, and took off the fluff on the neck and tail. Outer glow is like, the best thing ever. Really, it is. As long as you use it tastefully, it makes the fire look fiery, the stars look starry, and the glows look believable. You know you love my moon. You do. I do. I turned the opacity down and put an overlay of soft light paint in the middle to make it look round.

Creepily Cobwebbed Kyres

Tim Burton would love these


I was a little scared of the headlessness, but I really love how these turned out!

I used the darkness of the purple parent (and, well, obviously the headlessness. I added a little extra blood on the foot), but in blue from the cobweb parent. The dark allowed me to paint very fine cobwebs on it and they still show up. I think the velvety texture I added seals the deal, and the thorns just add a little more creepiness. I tried to add blood from the thorns, but it detracted from the overall look, so I removed it.

Babby two is absent of thorns, and gets the flowers, but I kept the creepiness there. Dark cobwebs, and the highlight effect and markings of the oakl parent I feel really pull this babby together. AndlookathowIputtheflowerbehindhereeeeeear!! x3

Harlequin Quetzals

Masqueraaaade, paper faces on parade...

YOU again!? Not a problem.


So I was pretty excited about this pairing.

I gave the first one the more dressed up look, with the straps and tacked-on mask sort of look. Like she's attending a ball with lanterns or something x3. The wings drove me crazy the entire time, and they still bother me a bit. I want to move them up now, but its too late D: I'm very fond of the textures I used, and the glowing markings and strands I chose. Kind of velvety.. I want to pet it.

The other one is more simple at a glance, but I gave her a pretty tail edit, and integrated wings/tailwing thingers, rather than strapped on ones. I think the cream-pink body gradient turned out nicely, and I tipped her paws and tail in lighter and darker colors. I think the blue eye pulls her all together though, don't you think?

Cobwebs, Scales, and Stars

and tail edits too


LOTS of edits, and only one babby, so that means this is gonna be one fancy babby.

The scales were definitely the hardest part on this one. I used a certain recognizable filter to make the pattern for them >.> but then warped it and painted highlights on top of that to give it the scale effect. I think I could've done a better job on them, but overall I think they turned out ok.

I had an issue with all the white lines going off the body. On white, they disappear! A small, carefully placed, 1-pixel dropshadow fixed it, without making it look cheesy. A soft outer glow on them achieved the glowy effect on the jewelry, and I thought I was pretty slick for using it on the fairy wings. ^.~

I actually did a lot of the melo's patterning on this thing, but it gets lost under the wings and scales D:

Tie-dye Quetzal Lions

The colors Duke, the colors!


I'll admit, my eyes rolled back in my head when I saw that soli. The colors aren't my cup of tea, but not unworkable.

I actually think they came out super cute. There weren't a ton of edits to give (mane, elbows, tail tips) so I just gave them to both of them. I took the lighter tones of the melo, and spritzed in a bit of green from the soli, and gave the first babby stripes.

The second one was much harder. I knew I couldn't avoid that red, so I just dove into it. It took some fiddling, some gradients and soft painting. I attempted the melo's swirly pattern on it, but I ended up fading it so much that it's very hard to see now. I'd actually almost forgotten about the star mark on this one until the very end, and breathed a huge sigh of relief, since it gave it focus like the stripes gave the other babby.

I didn't change the highlight layer on these, it apparently just shows up better on the blue.

Drinking Game Campes

So a Reve and an Insi walk into a bar...

Yay! A griffin insi! I like.


Ok ok, it would've had wings if it'd been one babby. >.> They still got really nice edits I think, I mean, you wouldn't breed a campe if you hated campe wings... right?... RIGHT?

So I'm pretty proud of myself for these. xD. The detailsplosion kind of hides the edits, but they're there. The one on the left has adorable little griffin ears, arm fluff, and a fluffy tail tuft. The one on the right has an un-grossified beak, (yes, the little... things... on the sides of Campe's beaks bother the hell out of me) and a full liony tail.

The one on the left was more delicate, focusing on the Griffin's features and using more subtle markings with the gold. The other one I went all out with the colors, and gave it very bold markings to show off all of the reve's gorgeous design. The one on the right has less of a mixture markings-wise, but I gave it some bum-stripes and hoped the griffin edits would pull it together.

Yes. It needs red toenails. I say so.

Jiao you doin?

Ok, major cheese there. I know.



I was kinda thankful it only got one babby, because I could either not give the other babby three smallish edits, or make them both clones. I was terrified of doing hair, but after careful study of other nice hair, I guessed at how they did it, and I think it came out ok. I took the original tail and warped it to curl up like that, then traced over the lines to get non-fuzzyfied warped ones. A small eye edit, and the coloring should be simple right? RIGHT?

No. I had an awful time with it. Nothing wanted to show up under that texture layer, or on top of it. I don't know how they made it look like that, but it took me AGES to get a look I liked, and I ended up using the melo's side markings instead of the rogr because I couldn't get the wavy lines to look right. @.@ There are swirlies on the armor plating from the rogr, his color palette, texture, spikes, etc. So I didn't ignore him or anything, but he was the harder of the two to imitate, edits or no.

My Shame

Cover your eeeyes

I apparently did this breeding so poorly, it was redone without saying a word @.@


I didn't really know how to breed hybrid x hybrid. I just assumed you'd transfer the edits/colors from one to the other, like you would with an SCC or something?


I didn't know, (until I did this breeding) that you weren't allowed to physically take things off the other parent. Even though certain BC artists BLATANTLY DO. With proof. *cough* Apparently it isn't allowed. It was rolled that both be Shisas, so I couldn't even paint a metal ippo or anything D:

Flipped one, oversparklefied it. That about covers the ippo doesn't it? The hair apparently is not allowed to be transferred.. so. I ended up submitting an earlier attempted monstrosity:

And it was just awful. Thankfully, they redid this one, and I have appropriate levels of shame. They gave them both little wings and horns, which I really didn't think it worked like that, but... whatever. They look better than what I did.

Can I disable ratings for this one? >.> Apparently I can't. Damn.

Blazing Melos

Burn baby burn

The lovely Lavary, and the illustrious Rah.


I didn't figure going in a crazy color direction would really work for this pairing, so I kept it pretty straightforward, with only a bit of reddening for the second babby.

So that bit of Rah's hair overlapping the wing? Yeah. The wing doesn't exist there D: Thanks to the careful use of the clone tool however, the day was saved! She's got her mama's lovely hair and patterning, and some choice flame swirls from her father for an extra touch. Oh, and her daddy's eyes too ^.~ much more feminine with them I think.

It's subtle, but I actually did some pretty fancy stuff with that mane. I cut it out and shifted it red, but it was too bold. I duplicated it, and upped the contrast to darken the shading, but still not dark enough on the bottom. So I reeeeally cranked the contrast on another duplicate. Between the three versions, I did a gradient white-to-black mask on each, to show the bright red on the top, the darker red in the middle, and the very contrasty black bit on the bottom. That's how it got so pimp. I had to cut a few pieces of flame out of the second babby where the outer wing is now absent, and I played with the momma's base and some layer effects over the father's base to end up with the nice look we have here.

Lions and Tigers

Oh My!

So we have a liontiger, and a lanternthinger.

After finishing the first babby, and being halfway into the second, I learned that the owner of this pair had been banned. So, I decided to do the second babby however I wanted to! xP

So they're both pink, but I didn't care, because the owner was banned, and I liked them pink. There were a few small feats of surgery to get the ears working with the opposite hairs. With the lion one I got the lantern parent's head to the right colors, merged the layers, then cut the ears out to fit on top of the mane. I believe I kept a copy of the ears section for a breeder to be able to go back in and change the ears.

The curled tail required a generous amount of stripe warping and duplicating. I also painted in most of the colors on the tail. I would've straightened out the lantern like I usually do with these, but knowing this babby was probably going to go rot on account 0 (or remain unborn) I didn't bother.

Reptilian Ornagas

Its not a Sith I swear

So these two


Two nifty parents. I had to beg and plead to get someone to send me the .psd's, because I SO did not want to cut that stuff out.

The first babby was fun, I cut out the wing and put it in there, duplicated the scale pattern and twisted it until it fit nicely onto it. I had to scale up and do a bit of painting on the stripey parent's eyes to get them to fit.
So I really hope they don't hate me for using the same base for both of them. The stripes weren't really transferable to the the other base, and the wings were going to be a nightmare to remove, so given the choice, I decided to paint new stripes rather than rebuild the other base to not have a wing. Yeah it totally looks like a Sith >.>