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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

More Slash Melos

Slash loves his Youkos

So still more Youko melos. At least these two are famous or something xD.


The overbreeding of Youko melos kind of ruin them for me, which is a shame, because they have so much expression.

After I was done with these, I kept going back and fourth thinking I'd used the same hair, but I didn't, they were just drawn very similarly! I did use the same fancy leg markings, because the orangish one doesn't have much in the way of leg markings. The tails were the fanciest part of this pairing, as usual. warped parts of the tails from the opposite parents. In the case of the first babby, I didn't like how the stripes ended, so I faded them off. Looking at them now, I almost wonder if I should've faded some of the body stripes?

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