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Friday, March 11, 2011

Psycho Bloodangel Quetzals

I want to drink.. er... save.. your... bloooooooooood!!!!
Or something.

This melo recently got not very well mixed shisa babbys, and so I did my best to give a mixier Quetzal babbys.. though I kinda failed at that, they don't mix up very easily.

So the psychoface, body stripe, eyes, and red-tipped horns are all from the psycho soli, so it's not THAT derivative, even though at first glance it looks almost hybrid potioned... I'm quite proud of them both though. I was a little afraid of doing blood, but it just happened nicely. I'd almost wanted to leave the stripes off, I liked it so much, but the stripes were a necessary tie in from the other parent. I almost gave him shoulder spikes, but I liked the angel look too much, and didn't want to trade out the wings/halo for them.

The other one is also overwhelmingly of one parent, but I did give him a new bandage, and the teeth and wings from the other babby. The black eye actually gives him sort of a fuu look.

I am SO. PROUD. Of my horns there. I was literally going 'yeeeeeesssss' while I was painting those, they just came out right. Why is he red? He's red because of... blood. >.> Blood is from the other parent right? Riiiight? That's also why there are white stripes in there too. It isn't a very obvious blend, but hopefully by reading this you get it? Maybe? He has purple hair, the soli had a red tummy... so if you don't buy the blood bit, you can go with that.

On both I used a subtle velvety texture, and painted some more onto it. The first babby has the soft grey fur marks of the melo, the second has some overlay blotch-brush marks to add to the velvet.

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