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Friday, March 11, 2011

Robo Astral Flaming Quetzals

Its the moon... and Fiiiiiire!


The melo is definitely different. I think by splitting up his features though, he bears some very nice offspring.

I screwed up and did two babbys instead of one @.@ Only the second babby was ever born. Married? Or something? Some sort of fix or other, so no extra babby out of the mistake either.

I drew on new wings, and added bits of metal here and there. I was rather pleased with how I did the fire too. I was really pleased with how I painted the body texture, for all that it isn't very pretty. (a bit disease-ish... but that's how the parent is too.)

The other babby, I went all-out with the coloring, since I'd already used the wings and fire. There are small edits here and there, I added little glow-gloves, and took off the fluff on the neck and tail. Outer glow is like, the best thing ever. Really, it is. As long as you use it tastefully, it makes the fire look fiery, the stars look starry, and the glows look believable. You know you love my moon. You do. I do. I turned the opacity down and put an overlay of soft light paint in the middle to make it look round.

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