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Friday, March 11, 2011

Jiao you doin?

Ok, major cheese there. I know.



I was kinda thankful it only got one babby, because I could either not give the other babby three smallish edits, or make them both clones. I was terrified of doing hair, but after careful study of other nice hair, I guessed at how they did it, and I think it came out ok. I took the original tail and warped it to curl up like that, then traced over the lines to get non-fuzzyfied warped ones. A small eye edit, and the coloring should be simple right? RIGHT?

No. I had an awful time with it. Nothing wanted to show up under that texture layer, or on top of it. I don't know how they made it look like that, but it took me AGES to get a look I liked, and I ended up using the melo's side markings instead of the rogr because I couldn't get the wavy lines to look right. @.@ There are swirlies on the armor plating from the rogr, his color palette, texture, spikes, etc. So I didn't ignore him or anything, but he was the harder of the two to imitate, edits or no.

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