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Friday, March 11, 2011

Red's Aywa Infection Psychomelo

Why hello there little girl...

The .psd on that melo is amazing. All the parts are split up into separate folders. I LOVE YOU!!! I could literally just hide the head and feet, and draw in replacements. <3!

This is one of my most favorite breedings I've done so far. I was a little nervous about incorporating Red into this melo, but once I started sketching, I knew exactly what I wanted.

Lookatitsfeeeeeeet. I love Red's feet. I love Red's feet even more on the melo. The chest hair allowed me to draw in an upraised front foot, and since everything was nicely chopped apart for me, blending it all into the body was a breeze. The head is all hand drawn, the only part used from the melo was the hair. I took the psycho eyes, merged them, and shrunk them down to fit in his narrow little eye sockets.

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