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Saturday, April 23, 2011

Lunar Laions

Lizards and Lions and... Stars? Oh my?


Lion has a .psd, but lacer doesn't... time to cut it up!

So I made one lion, one laion, and one lacer. I think I divvied up pretty evenly. I got an effect I reeeeally liked with the purple one, linear dodge on a desaturated green rion base. With a bit cutting and masking, the second lion traded out the lion ears for lacer ones. Since I had the .psd for the lion, I just played with the existing layers, and pulled in cut up pieces of the lacer. The blue one I painted in some stars instead of the clouds and milky way for some variety. The last one required the most painting. I opened a blank lacer document, and pulled in the lion color layer. I had to paint in a new face since the original was on the lion, and painted a glow on the tail ornaments.

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