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Monday, April 25, 2011

Double Bejeweled Solis

Any other 90's kid remember those?


So this was actually two breedings, but I'm combining them into one post because they're exactly the same.

For all that the pairs have similar faces, they're as well mixed as I could invent. (top two are one breeding, bottom another) My goal was to make all four babbys different from each other, despite going to two different owners. These were all four fairly straightforward mix, match, and hue-slide. The hardest part is turning silver to gold, and actually making it match. I had to paint the proper gold hues onto the silver jewelry, though I only needed to desaturate and adjust the levels (brightness/contrast, in simpler terms) on the silver ones. Aside from the gold colors, the only other painting I had to do was the offside eye from the haired parent, as the eye covered by hair didn't exist, and I duplicated, merged, flipped and warped the ear on the jade soli so it would have a back ear.

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