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Monday, April 25, 2011

Damselfly Braid Melos

If Laura Croft was a Dragonfly...
Um. I think the braid looks like Laura Croft. Or something.


So, no .psd for the first parent, and it gets 3 babbys. Hmm.... I actually decided to just remake the whole pet onto a .psd, so it could have one, it was such a simple design. It ended up looking like this:

Pretty close eh?

So here are the babbys:

Having two .psd's made this breeding so much easier. The swirls off the braid parent were multiplied patterns cut up and placed all over the melo, which allowed me to pul them apart and use them on the old melo tail and the first babby's wings. All three got the wings, but, I figure, unedited-eye, old-line melos are a dime a dozen, and hard to sell. The owner will almost certainly want ones with wings, and sell ones without. Why throw still more hard-to-sell babbys into the market?

the black was to throw a curve ball and go for a little drama. White on black became black on white, not too far fetched I think. I bumped up the highlight on the hair on the black melo.

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