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Friday, September 9, 2011

Begemmed Sways

I'm so bluuue (and sorta greeen) for you...


Neither one has much in the way of texture, and the first one doesn't have much to contribute, but let's see what I can do. 

I added in a little bit of subtle texture into both of them, and I think it really helped them feel more finished. How to do the beaded jewelry and not lose your sanity? I made one of the bead lines, duplicated it, placed it, rinse and repeat 9000 times with that, and with the bead color... and with the highlight layer. I was really pleased with the body pattern on that one too. 

Since I didn't like the body pattern and colors as much on the second one, I gave it more total edits. This is one of my earlier hair edits, so I didn't quite have the hang of it yet, though I still think I'd rather have it than not have a hair edit.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Dragonsmashup Flyingsplosion Melos

We can rebuild him


OMG WHAT HAVE YOU DONE TO ME. There are no .psds... for either of them....
Just so you know... in order to piece this babies together, I had to go through SIX grandparent .psds. Observe:


That is all of the parts dragged in separately from different grandparents in order to make you breedable babies. LOOK AT IT. 

That poor first parent has been mashbred since the dawn of time, endlessly being chopped up and mashed together again and again. I don't think there's a soul in there any more. I'm pretty sure the father was bred with .psds, but they just got deleted. >>

Here are the babies. The glorious, time consuming, 100% breedable babies. All of those parts separated out, lovlingly cleaned up. The patterns are clone-tooled to match on the tail from the body...  All harmoniously recolored to make nice, visually pleasing color schemes.


Technofairy Kitsune Melos

A little bit of sugar and a bit of beep boop beep


Two (ish) .psds. Some of both parents had Frankensteined chopped .png parts. 

So... I have hardly any memory of what I did for this breeding. I think there's a handful of repainted parts in here, and definitely a measure of chopping parts up to make them fit together properly. The stripes on the tail were hand-painted (it wouldn't match otherwise) and I fixed an issue where the hair clipped the ear (see the second parent's ear clippage). 
I know for certain the pink babby required a lot of head cleanup, and I'm almost certain I painted over a good portion of the forehead/ear png to make it usable again.

The purple was needed to bring a little interest and life into the baby. Sometimes these little touches are essential to making babies avoid the endless cycle of being cloned and resold and cloned again and again and again. More unique babies tend to be treated better and valued more than that.

Every extra bit of love is always worth it, imo.

Badass Smoker Ornaga

Mess with me... you mess with the whole flock.


Two .psds, though the lion was all one piece, and I believe the smoker chick was too. 

So it took a fair bit of movie magic and some staight up redraws to get this pair to work. 

A fair bit of warping went on to get that coat onto the lion. The cigarette was considerably easier to move, though I think I warped the smoke over to get it out of his face. 

The glasses on her were just repainted. After several attempts to warp the glasses to fit, they became so mangled and blurry it was just easier to draw new ones. So I did. I also had to fill in all the missing fur portion on her chest where the mane was, and paint stripes on the shoulders/arms because that's what makes sense when you're adding new limbs.

Her hair is red because that is what red hair looks like. Mix the yellow hair with the maroon and you get that color anyway.

Thunder Mystic Solis

The Thunder from Down Under..... who are you again?


Two .psds, though lots of merged stuff on both. 

So this one was quite arduous if I remember correctly. Lots of chopping and hacking and sawing. The odd light glowiness of the second was me changing the blending mode of the texture layer of the first parent to something else (probably screen). 

Both got hair because I was so not drawing in the back of the other horn, and I wanted the other horns to be mixed with the hair.

Still even MOAR Slash Babbys

All scarfees all the time


Slash babbys always have .psds.... and fertility potions.... !@#$!#&*

So, another fairly standard mix and match focusing on pleasant color mixes. The only technically difficult part was as usual, pulling the body edit and warping it to fit the tail, and also separating the chest fluff/collar hair piece, which is a single mass.

In fact.. I didn't separate it. I just made that hair match the other hair and stacked them.


Oh yes. You know you want him.

Horror Halloween Soli

Ok Timmy. Whatever you do.... Don't look under your bed.... Night Night!!


Two .psds (hooraaay!)

So I remember a lot of very focused mixing here. Lots of chopping of shading, highlights, and lineart layers. HEY YOU. YOU. MAKING THAT CUSTOM. 



*bonks you with a club, and continues yelling incoherently about masks*

(mask out the parts of the original shading layer you aren't using. Make a separate layer and put the new bits of shadow in. Repeat for highlights and lineart. Result: happy breeders)

Loooots of cutty cutty here. It may look like a deceptively simple breeding, but think again. I erased out a bit of the skull on the nose, because skulls have open nose cavities. I also fixed the dots to go around the soli tail since they didn't. 

Color swap on the edits, previously purple, now orange, and vice versa. 

Both got tongues and creepy fingers because they're cool, and made the babies better. 


Holiday Cerbys

Arf arf arf... arf arf arf... arf ARF arf... arf arf... (now read it again to the tune of jingle bells >>)


No .psds, owner doesn't have a .psd... which means... again.... PNG MASHTIME (again again)
Sooo... that first cerby is bred A LOT. And it has been the frustration of many a breeding artist for it's lack of body pattern and much in the way of edits when you're doing the breeding over and over. BUT, for LBC... he's not too bad. 
Left babby uses santa base, right babby uses jingle base with cut out hats. 

Both are hue shifted, and I changed the dark weird green on the spearmint puppy to red to pull it in... well it kind of worked. It makes the paws and stars reddish, though it does look a bit bloody on the green, but THIS IS CHRISTMAS RIGHT? >> There is no blood in Christmas. 

Second baby was a very straight forward color adjustment that ended in a very pretty bit of cyan mixed in. The collars were cut out and adjusted separately to match the hat.

Rave Dino Rokus

Anyone want to watch 'We're Back!'? ... Yeah me neither.


No .psds at all, and user didn't have any either. So that means... PNG MASHTIME!!
Well actually no. Cut and crop up things time. Booo.

It was reeeeally hard to make thes mix and look like I did anything. I hue-shifted both, to get on a different spot on the gradient, and I switched parts out here and there, though you have to look reeeally close to see exactly where. (bits of bones and spine worked into the pattern, bones come out where the gloves were, white running stripe under the bone one's tail, etc) Mostly stuff the owner or artist would notice. 

To make them a little more varied, I masked out a bit of the cloud to go around the balloon. 

Hello Mr. Gloomy Balloon. I think you make this breeding much better.

Hallowzombie Lunaris

Happy Hallo... braains....


Two site pets, so that means... PNG MASHTIME!!! (I actually love .png mashtime.. but only when it's 100% justified)
The undead was obviously used as a base on this one, with some gory color mixing onto the zombie. Looking back, they probably wanted the skullface and the bandages on the halloween one, but I didn't think of that then, and went for the zombie edit instead. 
The old circle was cut out and replaced with the skull, which I desaturated the green off of to match, and added in the skull earrings too, on their own separate layer. 

Mixing the colors made it look like rotten meat... and well.. you DID breed a zombie. I played with several color layers to make it in the sickening rotting coloration you see here, and made sure the wisps stayed in tact. 

Somehow I included the foot fog from the halloween parent (and made it a farty gross color too). I probably cropped it mostly out and put it behind everything at a low opacity.

Ravevomit Quetzal

Someone puked rainbows... all over your life... or something


O lawd have mercy. One of those super old million-times .png mashed 10th generation sort of breedings of rainbow overloadness.

Well. It's there. >>
Not one of my prouder babies, but honestly, I had not much to work with that was particularly usable. When a babby has been bred by mashing .pngs for generations, overlays don't work very well because they're ALREADY overlaid... and overlaid... and overlaid... 

I think the kindest thing I did for this breeding was to make the lightning white instead of black. It sort of goes with the hair a little. I think I painted white on a lightening sort of layer on the hair, which turned out kind of nicely, if you didn't have to look at the poor jpeggyness of the old body paints.

I'm pretty sure I had to go back several generations on both of them to get separate-able parts to even be able to mix it at all. Uff. Please please don't breed things like this. Unless you like that sort of thing I suppose.

Magical Maiden Peacock Melo Triplets

We the sisters three, aim to cast a spell on thee


Two .psds, though one is an older Fairy .psd, so quite a bit of sorting and separating for edits involved before ready to use. 


Three very different looks with all reasonably attainable colors. 
I don't subscribe to this new color nazism, and I didn't back then either. Clones are a big enough problem on the site without enforcing MORE of them. I don't see how stifling creativity of COLOR of all things is somehow cheating the site out of money or making them lose profit. I just see it making a lot more unhappy customers, and choking a lot of the benefit of having users do their own breeding by having to sit there and obsessively eyedropper... but that's just my two cents. 

Ahem. Anyway. On that note, we have a pink parent, a teal parent, and a purple babby. Teal is close enough to blue and I bet if you mixed them you'd get some sort of purple, so I picked a purple that hue shifted nicely from the base, and went with it. With the blonde hair, she fits right in with ehr siblings.

The first parent suffers from Missing Eyes Syndrome, in which, an entire eye (and a goodly portion of the other, visible eye) are missing. This called for -dun da da dunnnn- eye replacement surgery. (in which I just repainted the eyes in a fairly similar fashion, using the original eye as a base and flipping it and adjusting it until I had a whole, clean pair of eyes) I used the eyes on the first two babbys, and I think they did their mothers justice. 

One problem with the peacock babbys is; most hair edits don't actually fit in the 200x200 square with it, as it takes up a pretty good portion of it all by itself. I had to creatively mask the hair on the pink babby to get it to go 'behind' her head.

The pendant on the head of the blue one is mostly just masking out all but that portion of the crown, with a couple of lines to complete the circle. That's probably cheating a bit, but it made the whole evil sorceress look so much better, and with three babies I like to have more options. 

If you notice, I also don't believe in baldness. A bit of trimming is good enough to count as variety for me.

Sadly I don't think these babies were ever born. I've checked on them from time to time and these parents still go barren. ;;

MORE Slash Melos

I think you're giving me deja vu


Slash melos always have .psds!

Have I ever mentioned... I HATE FERTILITY POTIONS? >>


Well I do.

Ahem. Anywho. At least Youko melos are generally pretty easy to mix. It delights me to see my previously made babbys being bred (the first parent where I flipped the glasses out of being annoyed for so many millions of clones of the same scarfy glasses melos) so apparently Slash doesn't hate me for it.

Most of these are your standard mix and match, with a focus on nice color palettes and pleasing contrasts. The same trick I've always done with warping the body patterns to match the tail, etc etc.