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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Lantern Festival Griffin Maki

Mushu would luff joo

Site pet breeding, so only one .psd this time. :/

So I got really mixed reviews on this one, but I liked them a lot, so maybe my tastes are just different I guess.

So after digging around the .psd, I was like... wtf did I do. Apparently I desaturated the lantern parent and used levels to make the stripes black and the body very white. Then I colored in the parts I wanted red, yellow, and black, where I did, respectively, and did not use the actual parent's colors at all. I suppose that makes it much more breedable, tbh. That's probably why I did it. Yeah. That's totally it, I swear. >>

I then cut out the lanterns for ???? profit.

The second babby got one latnern because I liked the lanterns. I did a better job of cutting out the strings the second time, though I was a bit of a jerk and just cropped out the face on the maki to cover up the beak. I also cropped out the hair and and eyes separately and stuck them on there too. The red is painted in again, though I think I at least bucket filled an existing layer that time.

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