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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Rave Dino Rokus

Anyone want to watch 'We're Back!'? ... Yeah me neither.


No .psds at all, and user didn't have any either. So that means... PNG MASHTIME!!
Well actually no. Cut and crop up things time. Booo.

It was reeeeally hard to make thes mix and look like I did anything. I hue-shifted both, to get on a different spot on the gradient, and I switched parts out here and there, though you have to look reeeally close to see exactly where. (bits of bones and spine worked into the pattern, bones come out where the gloves were, white running stripe under the bone one's tail, etc) Mostly stuff the owner or artist would notice. 

To make them a little more varied, I masked out a bit of the cloud to go around the balloon. 

Hello Mr. Gloomy Balloon. I think you make this breeding much better.

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