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Tuesday, September 6, 2011


So after a super long absence, I'm stuck without my faithful compy for awhile, and I've decided to update my blog.

I've had many people ask why I don't update anymore, so I suppose I owe you all an explanation;

Previously, lists were 10 pairs, with a 14 day deadline. I had enough time to make a pair, then blog about it, then make the next pair, so that they would be all fresh in my mind after making each one. Now, I'm on contract. Contractors are supposed to have 10 pairs done in 7 days. I'm doing a double list. I was unable to keep up with doing a double in 7, so my timeline is extended to 20 pairs in 10 days... and well... I'm usually not even on time with that.

For awhile I was tossing pairs up just so you could see what I did, without writing, but even that got left behind as I struggled to keep up with my work. Anyone who has commissioned me also feels the pain of my slow listmaking. xD

So, now my power supply has blown, our laptop is strapped up to a million gadgets at my husband's internship, and I'm on a little borrowed laptop with not much to do, so I'm going to attempt to mass-upload everything I can, and I'll try to write some too, based completely off of memory from the last five months, so expect there to be a lot of bs and speculation as to what exactly I did until I catch up till now. 

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