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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Ravevomit Quetzal

Someone puked rainbows... all over your life... or something


O lawd have mercy. One of those super old million-times .png mashed 10th generation sort of breedings of rainbow overloadness.

Well. It's there. >>
Not one of my prouder babies, but honestly, I had not much to work with that was particularly usable. When a babby has been bred by mashing .pngs for generations, overlays don't work very well because they're ALREADY overlaid... and overlaid... and overlaid... 

I think the kindest thing I did for this breeding was to make the lightning white instead of black. It sort of goes with the hair a little. I think I painted white on a lightening sort of layer on the hair, which turned out kind of nicely, if you didn't have to look at the poor jpeggyness of the old body paints.

I'm pretty sure I had to go back several generations on both of them to get separate-able parts to even be able to mix it at all. Uff. Please please don't breed things like this. Unless you like that sort of thing I suppose.

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  1. I think this baby came out really well, and I would have been squee'ing in sheer delight if I'd gotten this outcome, so I think you did a good job of it overall! And I have to agree on the colour of the lightning - white looks better than black, I'd think.