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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Badass Smoker Ornaga

Mess with me... you mess with the whole flock.


Two .psds, though the lion was all one piece, and I believe the smoker chick was too. 

So it took a fair bit of movie magic and some staight up redraws to get this pair to work. 

A fair bit of warping went on to get that coat onto the lion. The cigarette was considerably easier to move, though I think I warped the smoke over to get it out of his face. 

The glasses on her were just repainted. After several attempts to warp the glasses to fit, they became so mangled and blurry it was just easier to draw new ones. So I did. I also had to fill in all the missing fur portion on her chest where the mane was, and paint stripes on the shoulders/arms because that's what makes sense when you're adding new limbs.

Her hair is red because that is what red hair looks like. Mix the yellow hair with the maroon and you get that color anyway.

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