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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Holiday Cerbys

Arf arf arf... arf arf arf... arf ARF arf... arf arf... (now read it again to the tune of jingle bells >>)


No .psds, owner doesn't have a .psd... which means... again.... PNG MASHTIME (again again)
Sooo... that first cerby is bred A LOT. And it has been the frustration of many a breeding artist for it's lack of body pattern and much in the way of edits when you're doing the breeding over and over. BUT, for LBC... he's not too bad. 
Left babby uses santa base, right babby uses jingle base with cut out hats. 

Both are hue shifted, and I changed the dark weird green on the spearmint puppy to red to pull it in... well it kind of worked. It makes the paws and stars reddish, though it does look a bit bloody on the green, but THIS IS CHRISTMAS RIGHT? >> There is no blood in Christmas. 

Second baby was a very straight forward color adjustment that ended in a very pretty bit of cyan mixed in. The collars were cut out and adjusted separately to match the hat.

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