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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Siezureflower Quetzal

Don't look directly at quetzal

Aaaalmost two .psds. Several parts of the second parent are merged. :/

So the second parent is one of the million-times-bred babbys of the first quetzal ever to get a hair edit. (I own one of the descendants too) Fortunately, the part I wanted was the white detail markings, which were still intact, and I pulled the hair from a relative of hers in order to still have the lines.

For all that it looks extremely Thor-y at first glance, nearly all of the markings and edits are hers, it's just the overabundance of electricity with the blinding outer-glow addition to her markings that make her somewhat hard to look at.

Looking back, I wish I'd lightened up the lineart on the hair, though there's no question on who her relatives are!

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