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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Magical Maiden Peacock Melo Triplets

We the sisters three, aim to cast a spell on thee


Two .psds, though one is an older Fairy .psd, so quite a bit of sorting and separating for edits involved before ready to use. 


Three very different looks with all reasonably attainable colors. 
I don't subscribe to this new color nazism, and I didn't back then either. Clones are a big enough problem on the site without enforcing MORE of them. I don't see how stifling creativity of COLOR of all things is somehow cheating the site out of money or making them lose profit. I just see it making a lot more unhappy customers, and choking a lot of the benefit of having users do their own breeding by having to sit there and obsessively eyedropper... but that's just my two cents. 

Ahem. Anyway. On that note, we have a pink parent, a teal parent, and a purple babby. Teal is close enough to blue and I bet if you mixed them you'd get some sort of purple, so I picked a purple that hue shifted nicely from the base, and went with it. With the blonde hair, she fits right in with ehr siblings.

The first parent suffers from Missing Eyes Syndrome, in which, an entire eye (and a goodly portion of the other, visible eye) are missing. This called for -dun da da dunnnn- eye replacement surgery. (in which I just repainted the eyes in a fairly similar fashion, using the original eye as a base and flipping it and adjusting it until I had a whole, clean pair of eyes) I used the eyes on the first two babbys, and I think they did their mothers justice. 

One problem with the peacock babbys is; most hair edits don't actually fit in the 200x200 square with it, as it takes up a pretty good portion of it all by itself. I had to creatively mask the hair on the pink babby to get it to go 'behind' her head.

The pendant on the head of the blue one is mostly just masking out all but that portion of the crown, with a couple of lines to complete the circle. That's probably cheating a bit, but it made the whole evil sorceress look so much better, and with three babies I like to have more options. 

If you notice, I also don't believe in baldness. A bit of trimming is good enough to count as variety for me.

Sadly I don't think these babies were ever born. I've checked on them from time to time and these parents still go barren. ;;

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  1. So my partner, who follows your blog because she's a huge fan of your work, informed me during my eight zillion year long hiatus that you'd picked up one of my breedings. I finally peeked back at Aywas today and hatched my eggs, and had a sneaking suspicion that a certain breeding was the one she was talking about- googled the numbers and boom, I was right! I just wanted to thank you- the girls are hatched now and getting their names and so on as I sort myself out, and it's honestly the best set I've ever receieved :D The level of detail that went into what was a hard match to do overwhelmed me, and I'm absolutely thrilled with them.

    ~The ever so anonymous recipient