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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Hydraulic Thor Quetzal

It's electric! (do do do do dodo do doot doot)

Yet another Thor babby. And, surprise! No .psd for the site pet, so only Thor's .psd again.

You tell me those aren't sexy and I will slap your face. Twice.

For the first one I'm fairly sure I painted the black onto the quetzal and multiplied or overlaid it or something, then clipping-masked some of thor's markings on top, and threw in the electricity. Sexy babbys don't always need mountains of work, at least if you can paint a little.

On the second one.. I probably cut out a lot of parts of the hydraulic quetzal and desaturated them all, using curves to get them all to the brightness/contrast I wanted. I was SO TIRED of all these Thor babbys looking the same, so I thought a sexy grey one was in order from the hydraulic parent's grey body.

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