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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Midsummer Night's Dragonfairy Insis

Fly away with me


Two .psds (hallelujah!!)
Oh Beer ;; your designs are so beautiful, but there are so many layers.

 I thought these came out really cute, though they were a massive amount of work. The dragon .psd was fairly workable, which helped the process stay somewhere approaching humane.For the first one, I spliced in the bit of head and tail flowers onto the dragon, and bucket-filled a shade of purple eyedropped from the first parent. (the color of the first parent is a million billion separate layers, so muuuuch easier this way) I pulled a farily large handful of the detail layers overtop, leaving out the white marky details and the bloom, which went to the second babby. The second babby was a bit more of a Dr. Frankenstein job. I believe I started with the dragon again, but had to mask out quite a bit of the head/shoulders for the wings and flowery head bits. The pattern to replace the bits of tail on the two end segments were painstakingly cloned from other parts of the body.

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