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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Technofairy Kitsune Melos

A little bit of sugar and a bit of beep boop beep


Two (ish) .psds. Some of both parents had Frankensteined chopped .png parts. 

So... I have hardly any memory of what I did for this breeding. I think there's a handful of repainted parts in here, and definitely a measure of chopping parts up to make them fit together properly. The stripes on the tail were hand-painted (it wouldn't match otherwise) and I fixed an issue where the hair clipped the ear (see the second parent's ear clippage). 
I know for certain the pink babby required a lot of head cleanup, and I'm almost certain I painted over a good portion of the forehead/ear png to make it usable again.

The purple was needed to bring a little interest and life into the baby. Sometimes these little touches are essential to making babies avoid the endless cycle of being cloned and resold and cloned again and again and again. More unique babies tend to be treated better and valued more than that.

Every extra bit of love is always worth it, imo.

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