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Friday, March 11, 2011

Lions and Tigers

Oh My!

So we have a liontiger, and a lanternthinger.

After finishing the first babby, and being halfway into the second, I learned that the owner of this pair had been banned. So, I decided to do the second babby however I wanted to! xP

So they're both pink, but I didn't care, because the owner was banned, and I liked them pink. There were a few small feats of surgery to get the ears working with the opposite hairs. With the lion one I got the lantern parent's head to the right colors, merged the layers, then cut the ears out to fit on top of the mane. I believe I kept a copy of the ears section for a breeder to be able to go back in and change the ears.

The curled tail required a generous amount of stripe warping and duplicating. I also painted in most of the colors on the tail. I would've straightened out the lantern like I usually do with these, but knowing this babby was probably going to go rot on account 0 (or remain unborn) I didn't bother.

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