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Friday, March 11, 2011

Cobwebs, Scales, and Stars

and tail edits too


LOTS of edits, and only one babby, so that means this is gonna be one fancy babby.

The scales were definitely the hardest part on this one. I used a certain recognizable filter to make the pattern for them >.> but then warped it and painted highlights on top of that to give it the scale effect. I think I could've done a better job on them, but overall I think they turned out ok.

I had an issue with all the white lines going off the body. On white, they disappear! A small, carefully placed, 1-pixel dropshadow fixed it, without making it look cheesy. A soft outer glow on them achieved the glowy effect on the jewelry, and I thought I was pretty slick for using it on the fairy wings. ^.~

I actually did a lot of the melo's patterning on this thing, but it gets lost under the wings and scales D:

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