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Friday, March 11, 2011

Drinking Game Campes

So a Reve and an Insi walk into a bar...

Yay! A griffin insi! I like.


Ok ok, it would've had wings if it'd been one babby. >.> They still got really nice edits I think, I mean, you wouldn't breed a campe if you hated campe wings... right?... RIGHT?

So I'm pretty proud of myself for these. xD. The detailsplosion kind of hides the edits, but they're there. The one on the left has adorable little griffin ears, arm fluff, and a fluffy tail tuft. The one on the right has an un-grossified beak, (yes, the little... things... on the sides of Campe's beaks bother the hell out of me) and a full liony tail.

The one on the left was more delicate, focusing on the Griffin's features and using more subtle markings with the gold. The other one I went all out with the colors, and gave it very bold markings to show off all of the reve's gorgeous design. The one on the right has less of a mixture markings-wise, but I gave it some bum-stripes and hoped the griffin edits would pull it together.

Yes. It needs red toenails. I say so.

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