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Friday, March 11, 2011

Blazing Melos

Burn baby burn

The lovely Lavary, and the illustrious Rah.


I didn't figure going in a crazy color direction would really work for this pairing, so I kept it pretty straightforward, with only a bit of reddening for the second babby.

So that bit of Rah's hair overlapping the wing? Yeah. The wing doesn't exist there D: Thanks to the careful use of the clone tool however, the day was saved! She's got her mama's lovely hair and patterning, and some choice flame swirls from her father for an extra touch. Oh, and her daddy's eyes too ^.~ much more feminine with them I think.

It's subtle, but I actually did some pretty fancy stuff with that mane. I cut it out and shifted it red, but it was too bold. I duplicated it, and upped the contrast to darken the shading, but still not dark enough on the bottom. So I reeeeally cranked the contrast on another duplicate. Between the three versions, I did a gradient white-to-black mask on each, to show the bright red on the top, the darker red in the middle, and the very contrasty black bit on the bottom. That's how it got so pimp. I had to cut a few pieces of flame out of the second babby where the outer wing is now absent, and I played with the momma's base and some layer effects over the father's base to end up with the nice look we have here.

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