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Friday, March 11, 2011

Tie-dye Quetzal Lions

The colors Duke, the colors!


I'll admit, my eyes rolled back in my head when I saw that soli. The colors aren't my cup of tea, but not unworkable.

I actually think they came out super cute. There weren't a ton of edits to give (mane, elbows, tail tips) so I just gave them to both of them. I took the lighter tones of the melo, and spritzed in a bit of green from the soli, and gave the first babby stripes.

The second one was much harder. I knew I couldn't avoid that red, so I just dove into it. It took some fiddling, some gradients and soft painting. I attempted the melo's swirly pattern on it, but I ended up fading it so much that it's very hard to see now. I'd actually almost forgotten about the star mark on this one until the very end, and breathed a huge sigh of relief, since it gave it focus like the stripes gave the other babby.

I didn't change the highlight layer on these, it apparently just shows up better on the blue.

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