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Friday, March 11, 2011

Harlequin Quetzals

Masqueraaaade, paper faces on parade...

YOU again!? Not a problem.


So I was pretty excited about this pairing.

I gave the first one the more dressed up look, with the straps and tacked-on mask sort of look. Like she's attending a ball with lanterns or something x3. The wings drove me crazy the entire time, and they still bother me a bit. I want to move them up now, but its too late D: I'm very fond of the textures I used, and the glowing markings and strands I chose. Kind of velvety.. I want to pet it.

The other one is more simple at a glance, but I gave her a pretty tail edit, and integrated wings/tailwing thingers, rather than strapped on ones. I think the cream-pink body gradient turned out nicely, and I tipped her paws and tail in lighter and darker colors. I think the blue eye pulls her all together though, don't you think?

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