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Sunday, March 4, 2012

Fangy Demon Paleos

Handle with care


Oh why did they have to be married ;;w;; so many babbies.


So this one was all about divide and conquer. Making new edits for each babby would've been silly, though I probably still went a little overboard on them. :P The first two babbies share their horns, tails, and chin fangs, the first and third share the cheek spikes, the second and third share the eye edit, and all three share the lower jaw fangs (often supplemented with a variety of other fangs) All told they still ahve a lot of unique edits apiece. The hardest part was possibly figuring out how to do different body patterns for all those babbies. (I DO NOT believe in duplicating body patterns in nearly all cases, with a few exceptions. Markings don't take that long, seriously.)The third babby had the most natural paleo parts since he had the huge head edit. I was pleased with how these guys came out, and I think they were well received. :) 

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