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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Ghost Punk Koatls

Steam Punk Ghost Busters

So I saw this pair I'd received and my eyes sort of bugged out of my head.


I'm supposed to breed THAT??? Frey definitely didn't make my first set easy on me xD But; I got super inspired and I have to say I'm immensely proud of my results:

The first babby has nothing whatsoever between the shading and base layers. The entire thing was hand-painted in a folder underneath the lineart. I know this goes waaaay over the 30% rule, but honestly... how else could you do that Phanto? At least, how else could you do that Phanto without being totally lame? The funny thing about those light-bulbs on the end, is when I was sketching it, I was like 'blaaah... tiny little gears... poopy... *scribble*' and they sort of ended up like blobs on the end. When I started drawing in the light on the chest, it clicked. LIGHT! YES! NO tiny little gears! AND it looks way cooler! Yay me! So I did xD.

I was told that the first one doesn't represent the Soli very well, but I say pooh pooh on that! If you look at the inner part, the whole thing is made up of soli parts. The chest has that cream color bit with crosses, the lights, the screws, the mismatched browns throughout the whole thing. The hands and arms are even gears like the part that is on the soli's shoulders.

I am so proud of the second Koatl's scales x3. I am also, a genius. Since I put the cream part from the soli's tummy in the last one, I removed it on this one, and then put a panel behind the blue to make it look as if he's hollow. They both have the face of the phanto, but since I did them both from scratch, they look distinctly different. I made the little horn in it's own folder so that a breeder could just plop it onto anything without issue. I love my little window poketwatch light thing along the tail x3. Aaand, those claws are sort of an interpretation of the soli's nails to cap off the phanto's version of the globular arms in a different way than I did the other one.

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