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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Dark Glamour Ippo

You should'a been in pictures

A dark palette Ippo pair. I'll admit, Ippos are a pain to edit... so much hair... X_x


Lots of intricate patterns on a dark palette... this should be fun x3 I love detail markings.

Damn it is hard to make those branchlers look good... I made the leaves three or four times before I thought they were acceptable, and I'm still not uber thrilled with them. I noticed that particular oakl had an awful lot of babbys that looked an awful lot like it, and that the owner already had one... so I pushed it a bit more towards the reve for variety.

Obviously, you can't make this pair without a boa. You just can't. Originally, I painted that white on the wings and with the branchlers, and the whitish hair, it actually was very oakl-y for a long while. After the purple and patterning though, the reve markings do take a lot of the show. I echoed the ripple-mark from the oakl's leg onto this one, but it's pretty subtle. I'm quite proud of how she came out though. ^^

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